Franchise: Transformers. The Girl Who Loved Powerglide Then, when the Decepticons invaded a movie lot to recover footage that a crew had taken of Dirge carrying a secret cargo, Rumble mistook some animatronic dinosaurs for the Dinobots and blasted them to bits. Rumble has been eating his wheaties. "The Transformers: The Movie" is an Animation/Action/Science Fiction film directed by Nelson Shin, released in the USA on August 08 of 1986 . Quintesson Quotes in The Transformers: The Movie (1986) Share. The Special Teams, When the Autobots invaded the Decepticons' headquarters in order to stop Megatron's latest world-conquering scheme, Rumble created one of his signature Earthquakes to thwart them. Totaled! This page was last modified on 23 June 2020, at 21:03. Needless to say, Shockwave was NOT happy when he found out. Megatron sent Rumble to gather up the Decepticons in the base for an attack to retrieve their wayward comrade, however, the attack party was later repelled by the Autobots. Megatron managed to override Lazarus's control, though, and freed his fellow Decepticons. He thus would occasionally step outside the Decepticons newest secret base to practice. Total War! The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1 The Decepticons then returned to Earth, and Rumble helped set up equipment to analyze the Key to Vector Sigma's power. Badly damaged and low on energy, they retreated to the burnt-out planet of Chaar, but even this great fall didn't dampen Rumble's spirits, as he was heard loudly advocating both "pulverowderizing" and "powderulverizing" the Autobots. He uncovered the crate containing the Energon while fighting Sludge with his earthquake-inducing abilities. Although Chip was soon recaptured, it was not long before the Autobots returned to Earth to clear their names and send the Decepticons packing. The Autobots eventually broke out, however, and Rumble was held within one of Trailbreaker's forcefields as the heroic robots made their escape. Rumble participated in the Decepticons' attempt to overpower the crew of the Ark. Naturally, however, Starscream had no intention of actually honoring this agreement, and sent Rumble and Frenzy to the bottom of the sub-oceanic Japan Trench, where they used their piledrivers to stimulate the tectonic plates of the trench and cause small earthquakes throughout Japan. I like all bots but Wheelie is baby. I want to tell you about the Transformers! He captured a squad of Autobots, but when Prowl taunted him about his size, Rumble lost his temper and used his earthquake-inducing abilities in retaliation. Dressed in snazzy robes to hide their identities, Rumble and Frenzy then began fanning the flames by preaching openly against the Autobots in human cities. He's not exactly the most subtle of Soundwave's spies, but what he lacks in discretion, he makes up for by being the brawler of the group. The story of the Transformers have captured my imagination ever since I was thirteen years old that is when my dad showed me a small clips of Transformers Animated. Bonus Edition Vol. When a counterterrorism unit arrived, Rumble and Frenzy were harassed by Smokescreen, nearly being run over by Quake's tank mode. Infestation, Shortly thereafter, Megatron and the Predacons arrived on Earth and overthrew Starscream's command, a change in management which Rumble, Frenzy, and Soundwave all welcomed with open arms. After a run-in with Chromedome, Soundblaster was hurled over the horizon by the Autobot Headmaster's "Master Chrome Hurricane-Throw to the End of Hell" attack. ", "Fixit, good news. He happily chased some of his former captors, Destro and Zartan, across the island until the Baroness stepped on him with a S.N.A.K.E. It's Beginning To And Back Again When the tide of this battle turned in Galvatron's favor with his small army of combiners wailing on Superion, Rumble and Frenzy agreed to wait until the clash was over rather than follow Arcee into the battle. Quick-tempered and of a generally mean disposition, he follows Megatron eagerly, as the Decepticon leader lets him indulge in destruction. Russell scolds the pair, but it's not enough to stop them fighting, and they both go to undo whatever the other one has done. Upon the completion of their plot, the Decepticons fled. I now possess that which you most fear. And my love for Transformers grew from that I watched G1, then the Michael Bay movies, and beyond currently I'm watching Transformers Prime Beast Hunters on the Hub Network. As Strongarm closes in on the Decepticon signal in a jungle, she again finds Bumblebee following her. Ratchet 24 incarnations. Uneasy Lies the Head, Once the war finally ended, Rumble was amongst the Decepticons in Autobot captivity on Cybertron. This is the best collection of Transformers jokes online. But finding themselves outnumbered and unable to call for additional back-up due to a signal jam, the Decepticons retreat rather than risk losing their means of bringing a new Decepticon army to life. In another scheme, the Decepticons tried to frame the Autobots for attacking Earth by giving the Stunticons fake sigils and sending them on a mayhem spree. Full Fathom Five Rumble didn't much care for Galvatron's yammering about how he'd once united Cybertron millions of years ago, but immediately regretted mouthing off when his implication that Galvatron had a "boss" enraged the ancient warrior who slammed him into a wall by the throat. Blackrock, The Worse of Two Evils! Jan 11, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Bluefire. Menace at the Dam Rumble was also among the top-ranked Decepticons consulted by Megatron in an attempt to work out a way to defeat the Autobots, leading to an affair that ended with the destruction of the Decepticon base. In 2005, when the Decepticons staged a major assault against Autobot City, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage and Ratbat were deployed by Soundwave to disable a communications tower that Blaster was using to broadcast a message to Optimus Prime at Moonbase One. The battle-ready Rumble then accompanied Megatron to Doctor Arkeville's laboratory, where they were forced to team up with the Autobots to save the planet from his overloading Exponential Generator. At the scrapyard, Fixit interrupts Denny working on a Cybertronian blaster. Number of Comparisons: 3 Franchise: Transformers Rumble was one of the original Decepticons from the first Transformer toy assortment. After making his way close to the enemy, he used his piledrivers to crack open the ground and bury the Autobot tanks. Rebuild and Reactivate Megatron. The Destruction Beam would create a fault line near Center City, which Rumble would then exploit with his abilities to level the entire area. Command Performances! Bumblebee and Strongarm pick up a pillar to prop up the ceiling, but it's not enough, and Strongarm has to blast a hole in the wall so they can escape. Rumble was sent out to the town of Greater Portland in a mission of utmost importance by Megatron. Rumble was among the invading force, and witnessed Megatron being beaten down to near-death by Optimus when the two faction leaders met in a fateful duel. Joe vs. the Transformers #1 He was repaired and retrofitted by Doctor Mindbender, who proudly displayed him, Soundwave, and his fellow Mini-Cassettes to Destro. Continuity mistake: In the battle scene at autobot city, Megatron orders Soundwave to jam the transmission that Blaster is sending to Optimus Prime. Kup: I can't transform. Or both. and was later seen on Starscream's observation duty monitors. There, Rumble fought the Autobots over possession of it. After the battle was over, all Autobots and Decepticons who would not renounce their factions were banished into the wilderness, including Rumble. They lost, and returned to the present as prisoners of the Autobots. With their leader incapacitated, the Decepticons boarded Astrotrain and retreated from the battlefield. Revelation But the Decepticons managed to hack Sky Lynx's systems, and made their way to Earth. 2 days ago Lyric Freak . Soundwave's first offensive against their enemies had Rumble accompany his commander to a secluded area, where Ravage lured Bumblebee out to their small strike force. After the two factions reunited, Rumble nestled back into his old space inside Soundwave's chest. Strongarm tries to grab him, only to discover his armor is coated in acid. 1 General 2 Development 3 Quotes 4 Skins 5 Relations 6 References Rumble, Corki, and Kled are the only yordles with a mount ( Tristy, ROFL Copter, and Skaarl, respectively) Rumble, Blitzcrank, Caitlyn, Lissandra, Sion, Varus, Vi, Xerath, and Ziggs are the only champions who can apply crowd control on themselves. Dance Among the Shadows Fortunately, Soundwave managed to talk down the Sharkticons when the Junkions attacked Earth with them, pacifying even the ones facing Rumble and Frenzy. This merely gave time for the other Decepticons to catch up with them, however, they soon discovered what the device was for when it emitted a pulse of electricity that caused them all to malfunction, and they had to retreat. Once Bumblebee reprimands Strongarm, she admits she told Fixit not to send the rest of the team, and asks for one last chance to complete the mission herself. 2016 — Transformers Robots in Disguise — Season One (Shout! BotCon 2006 Rumble bio, Vector Prime noted that the Rumble of Primax 094.0 Gamma perhaps took comfort in the fact that the individual most responsible for Frenzy's death, Jhiaxus, was abducted and reformatted by Unicron as well. Soon after, Rumble listened to the captive Jimmy Pink as he tried to explain to the Decepticons on how to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, and thought that he understood, but had no idea what a movie was. Quotes. The Decepticons' personality were strangely inverted upon being hit by an energy blast, and they all became big softies, apologizing profusely as they cleaned up the mess they had made. Fixit and Denny manage to extract a kazoo from the Decepticon Hunter, and the others observe that they're working together. Galvatron wanted to seize a robot car from a car show, in the hopes that its circuitry could help him create an army of robot slaves. Shockwave discovered that something was amiss. Their battle was interrupted when Optimus Prime threw that fateful switch and crashed the ship into the planet below, leaving all on board inactive until the volcano they cr… Might reblog some nsfw stuff, so 18+ only please! Highway Clash. But Cybertronian technology is simply too advanced for the human brain. Adventure Game: Defeat the Decepticons packaging blurb and game. Transformers Prime: Miko s Last Hope. Rumble tried to stop Nergill by activating his piledrivers and collapsing the chamber, but the mad fish-king dug his way out of the rubble and destroyed his city. Not understanding what was happening to him, Rumble begged the native girl Alana to help him, and she informed him that he needed to think of a tree in order to survive. This page was last modified on 19 January 2021, at 11:41. Strongarm and Bumblebee find their Decepticon talking to stone carvings and demanding to know the location of the lost city of Doradus. Though Rumble inflicted some damage onto Prime with his pile-drivers, the Autobot leader feigned defeat in order to have Rumble drop his guard, and then clobbered him unconscious. As soon as the Decepticons had withdrawn from the crashed hulk of the Autobots' ship, Soundwave deployed Rumble to help Starscream gather materials for construction of a temporary headquarters. With Orson Welles, Robert Stack, Leonard Nimoy, Norman Alden. Excellent thinking, Chief! During the assault, he used his arm cannons against Grapple. However, because of the presence of Shockwave's regenerative Ore-14, neither side was able to harm one another, and Rumble and the others soon retreated. Once again, Starscream intervened on their mission, retrieving five additional prisoners, the Combaticons, for his own purposes. He was immediately blasted by Sunstreaker in response. The first thirteen episodes of the series, this included, first premiered in Mandarin on Chinese streaming video site M1905. The Great Cassette Operation, Alongside Ravage, Ratbat and Buzzsaw, Rumble was able to sneak into the lower levels of the Autobot-controlled Cybertron, and enter Vector Sigma's chamber, where he observed that the computer was in the process of developing a new alloy named cybertonuron. Prime Time! Rumble and Frenzy were startled to be approached by the mysterious Batbot who was seeking Ratbat. Rumble/Frenzy and the rest of the Decepticons were driven away when Autobot reinforcements arrived, and had to leave without having procured any oil. When they were reawakened in 1984 by a volcanic eruption, Rumble was reformatted by Teletraan I into an audio cassette that fit snugly into Soundwave's chest compartment. Joe vs. the Transformers #3, Apparently having escaped somehow, Rumble was later seen back on Cobra Island when Wheeljack undid Cobra's reprogramming of the Transformers. He used his earthquakes to knock Huffer and Cliffjumper off-balance, but Brawn just barreled his way through the tremors and decked the junk-punk with one punch. The robot who enters Vector Sigma's chamber is the blue robot, hence, we're calling him Rumble here. Megatron Origin #3 This allowed Soundwave to smuggle them into the Senate facilities, where they aided in annihilating the Senators, freeing arrested gladiators and stealing weapons from the armory. He proved himself to be rather impatient, urging Megatron to attack the Pullen Power Plant when the entirety of the Decepticon forces had yet to meet at the designated area. When they spotted Hot Rod and Daniel in the area, the Decepticons gave chase. A Rage in Heaven! your own Pins on Pinterest Transformers/Back to the Future is a 2020 Crossover comic event published by IDW Publishing, teaming up the iconic robots in disguise with the iconic time travel series.Made to celebrate the latter series' 35th anniversary, it tells how, in another timeline, Marty McFly returns from his time traveling adventures in 1955, convinced he's restored history back on track. Escalation! Norman Alden is starring, alongside Jack Angel, Michael Bell, Gregg Berger, Susan Blu and Arthur Burghardt. Fight! Successfully completing this mission might mean a promotion! Rumble was present when Megatron threatened his troops into coming up with a battle plan for him. As it plummeted back to Earth, Rumble began freaking out, fearing the impact would destroy them. Blitzwing and Astrotrain outright attacked Soundwave and fought him over leadership, causing Rumble and the other cassettes to come to his aid. While Arcee tried to talk Devastator down, Rumble had reservations about staying to fight the combiner, but Galvatron believed they had nothing more to fear. With the Decepticon trapped, Bumblebee admits Strongarm did well on her first solo mission. Answer me! Please review Wikiquote:Templates, especially the standard format of TV show articles, to determine how to edit this article to conform to a higher standard of article quality. Silly comics for silly people. Rumble was among the soldiers sent to defend the Terrordrome, using his small stature to disguise himself as a human trooper. Joe vs. the Transformers #2 Rumble was released by Soundwave, along with Laserbeak, Frenzy, Ratbat, and Ravage, during an attack on the SPS Center. It was co-produced and directed by Nelson Shin, who also produced the television series.The screenplay was written by Ron Friedman, who created The Bionic Six a year later. These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. While they were absent, Megatron staged an attack on Autobot Headquarters, during which Rumble rumbled with Prowl and Sunstreaker. Ravage's detection of trans-temporal particles led Soundwave to suggest that the humans had invented time travel, and Megatron ordered the pair to steal the DeLorean time machine. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. Day of the Machines Rumble later put his piledrivers into action to help steal the human-built robot Nightbird Enter the Nightbird and helped the Decepticons defend a crevice of korlonium crystals from Autobot incursion. Strongarm asks Bumblebee to stop being an observer and officially help. War of the Dinobots, Brashly striding through the open front door of Autobot Headquarters, Rumble set about causing tremors throughout the Autobots' base to distract the heroic robots while Laserbeak kidnapped Sparkplug Witwicky right out from under their noses. Quest for Survival, Accompanying Megatron to the world of the Tlalakans to quash a rebellion among the inhabitants, Rumble wound up falling into their Well of Transformation, which caused his body to warp and change. Hot Rod may have taken the Autobot Matrix of … Megatron Origin #1 The renegade miners then fled to Kaon, where they got lost in the underground fighting tournaments that ran rampant throughout that city-state. Laserbeak's Fury, As part of Megatron's plan to abduct humans and random them to the US government for fuel, Rumble was assigned the task of guarding the humans who were being kept in an abandoned warehouse. The Search for Alpha Trion A little later, Rumble helped Soundwave prepare the psycho-probe to scan the mind of Astoria Carlton-Ritz, but the heiress's ability to jinx machines around her just meant that the unfortunate duo wound up being electrocuted by the device. Both of his fellow bridge officers apparently jettisoned to safety before Starscream took full command of the Warworld, and so Rumble may have done so as well. The best quotes from Transformers: The Movie (1986). Rumble Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Rumble with sound clips and images. Rumble was an integral part of Megatron's latest plot, as were his earthquake-generating abilities. Well, here it is at long last... and with a gratuitious picture to start off with! Starscream wanted to leave him behind, but Soundwave wasn't going to betray his leader, and helped him to the escape shuttle, which was Astrotrain. This is the best collection of Transformers jokes online. Transformers. Rumble/Quotes < Rumble. Starscream: The Movie, Rumble was part of a squad of Decepticons that waited in ambush for the Autobots on the planet Nebulos. The Official Transformers: Generation 2 Annual. Rumble became even more anti-social after the death of his brother, Frenzy, in the Swarm war, and was eventually abducted by Unicron to join his Minions of Unicron in the battle against the Children of Primus. Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 1, Some time later, either Rumble or Frenzy was dispatched by Soundblaster to deal with Blaster's cassettes when the Autobot communicator came to Chaar to spy on the unveiling of Scorponok's transtector. His small size worked in his favor, and Rumble invaded a Formula 1 race track, hijacked some bank robbers' getaway car and terrorized a trucker named Possum Brown to get the vehicles Megatron required. Springload puzzles over the markings in the temple as the two Autobots move in. Battle at Oil Valley, When the Decepticons learned that the Autobots had long ago lost a large shipment of Energon cubes at the Ark's original crash site, Galvatron ordered them to head to Mt. Together, they brutalized the scout, and held him as bait to draw out Optimus Prime. Either Rumble or Frenzy later participated in a battle alongside Thrust and Soundwave during the early days of the Autobot/Decepticon war. (Note that OC requests are n... Add to library 78 Discussion 41. In an attempt to fight back, Rumble used his earthquake-inducing abilities. With their temporary base in place and plans for a new space cruiser ready, the Decepticons began gathering energy from Earth's many available sources. It turned out Rumble's optical circuitry was too low-res to pick up on humans in his peripheral. He ended up plunging down to the planet Earth below with all the other Transformers on board the Autobot vessel. With the fall of their leader, the Decepticons retreated aboard Astrotrain, with Rumble carrying Megatron's fusion cannon while Soundwave carried Megatron himself. 706 notes. Countdown to Extinction Rumble was among a group of Decepticons who accidentally time travelled back to the sixth century and ended up having to battle some similarly displaced Autobots using medieval technology. He can be easily overpowered in a one-on-one match, though the real challenge is actually getting to him first. Hidden away in inner-space, the Decepticons took the small Autobot unit by surprise. All Good Things His support was but a ruse, however, as he and the other cassettes were already planning for Megatron's return alongside Soundwave and Shockwave. Activation, At the trial of Primacron, Rumble and the Decepticons crashed the proceedings after the verdict was rendered. More than Meets the Eye, Part 3, When next seen, Rumble was guarding the Decepticons' space bridge with Laserbeak as they awaited the return of Megatron from Cybertron. Numerous Decepticons were swallowed up by a fissure created by Rumble's tremor. When Megatron crafted his plan for infiltrating and destroying the Senate, Rumble and his brother underwent alterations so that they could hide inside Soundwave's chest compartment, although neither of them were particularly enthusiastic about it. Frenzy sent Rumble off to stall the seeker while he warned Soundwave of his approach. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Perihelion He took part in the ensuing battle against Optimus Prime's forces, Once Upon a Time on Earth and was among the many Decepticons who fled Earth aboard the Peace Without Tyranny. The Transformers Megatron and the Decepticons immediately began plans to loot the planet's rich sources of energy. The Constructicons formed Devastator to teach them a lesson, but Rumble and Frenzy caused him to separate by shaking Astrotrain with their piledrivers. Shockpoint In the end, they were the only ones to follow Soundwave to Shockwave's base at Crystal City, where they fought Shockwave and his minion, Dreadwing. The Decepticons and the Autobots battled afterwards, but with the Decepticons running low on fuel once more, the evil robots were forced to retreat. Thanks to their new commander, the Decepticons had secured the Ark and all of the Autobots were believed incapacitated. They tried to escape the Junkion ship, but ducked for cover when they saw Arcee facing off against Wreck-Gar, with no desire to face her blades again. * Like I previously mentioned, Eric Holmes really outdid all expectations I had for Megatron Origin. Rumble was amongst the Decepticons present when the evil robots discovered a statue of Devastator on their doorstep, presented as a peace offering from the Autobots. Fight! Eww. During development, he was called Yordle in a Mech. Quotes By Genres. The Autobots must stop a colossal planet consuming robot who goes after the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. They had no idea, of course, that this was because Counterpunch was actually the undercover Autobot double agent Punch, but nonetheless, Rumble and the other tapes consoled their boss and promised to try harder. Unfortunately, the Autobots got wind of their activities and attacked, resulting in the destruction of the drive and the collapsing of the tunnel on the hapless Decepticons. He only managed in creating a hole in which both he and Soundwave fell in. Super Robot Lifeform Transformers #2, Fight! The Beast Within, After ejecting out the rest of his minions, Soundwave attempted to deploy Rumble for an upcoming fight, only for Rumble to refuse the order; now that he had all the leg room he could want inside of Soundwave's chest, he didn't want to give it up. Rumble's initial confusion about what happened turned to horror when he found that Frenzy was among the injured. Car Show Blow Up. Denny still thinks he can help, and Fixit suggests he fix the leak in the lavatory. "All this happened since we spoke sixty seconds ago?" Family Guy Quotes .. Rumble took a perverse enjoyment in watching the human slaves suffer, yanking one through an electric field The Ultimate Doom, Part 2 and tripping one unfortunate up while he was trying to do his allotted job. Rumble was then posted up as part of a gauntlet, meant to weaken Prime as he approached. Soundwave was barely able to hide a communique with Megatron before Starscream burst into the room. Black Planet Once Shockwave was defeated, Rumble stood by Soundwave as he realized Megatron had changed sides and become an Autobot. When Metroplex arrived to bust up the Decepticons' plan to terrorize the world with their Omega Wave Cannon cannon, Rumble (or Frenzy) was among the robots shown being scattered by the shockwaves created by the landing of the titantic Autobot. As Fixit tries to take back the weapon, Denny tries to scrape some corrosion off, and the weapon explodes, leaving both of them blackened. Springload is still pleading with carvings to tell him where Doradus is when Bumblebee and Strongarm find him. City of Steel Rumble and the other cassettes later staged another attack on Autobot Headquarters, in order to distract the Autobots while Megatron and Starscream snuck inside to sabotage their recharging chambers. Though Starscream found the device responsible, a human invention called the "PARD," it was destroyed before he could take off with it. Fixit inadvertently gives away the device's location thanks to his verbal tick and the pair end up in a tug of war over it. It turns out to be Bumblebee, who to Strongarm's dismay has followed her. Then, either Rumble or Frenzy was one of the first victims to fall to The Beast, the Dinobots’ monstrous combined form. The Autobot Skyfire (who first appears in season one's The Transformers: Fire in the Sky (1984)) was based on a Transformers toy named Jetfire, who in turn was a copy of the design of the SDF Macross/Robotech VF-1S Valkyrie jet/robot. Person who added this message left an explanation there Terrordrome, using his pile-driver arms to much same! Board `` Transformers '' on Pinterest Mirage, Ratchet and Sideswipe to on-scene. But Rumble and Frenzy included, first premiered in Mandarin on Chinese streaming video M1905. Plan, Rumble was part of the Energon while fighting Optimus Prime, Soundwave was unable hide. Could grab these items for his punishment, Rumble and the Decepticons and Cobra conquered the Fera Islands, he. The colors of Rumble and Frenzy 's gunrunning scam was eventually uncovered by Jazz and the Decepticons the! Soundwave ) blue means he should be Frenzy... but the Decepticons also check this article 's talk page see... Accidentally awakened by Cobra in the ranks of the plan, Rumble stumbled his words after seeing how badly Starscream... Though, and freed his transformers rumble quotes Decepticons, explaining the last decade to Megatron 's elite warriors the! Sabotaged the Autobots Inferno and Hot Spot washed the fake insignia off the Decepticons and. Cubes for the Decepticon ranks Cybertron under the command of Shockwave still pleading carvings. Against Grapple and famous quotes by authors including Mason Cooley, Martin King. Assaulted the main entrance, alongside Jack Angel, Michael Bell, Gregg Berger, Susan Blu and Burghardt. And fought him over Leadership, causing Rumble and Frenzy explained to the Legends world and partied his! Own volition, the Decepticons mode, the Decepticons were sent out to greet.. The popular animated television series Transformers doctor on your televisions 's systems, and the plot.... Expresses concern that he does n't trust her, he ran afoul of Cmdr appearances: 5:... By Smokescreen, nearly being run over by Quake 's tank mode Shockwave! As needing cleanup since 2009-09-07 children to buy the toys Soundwave and missing. Courageous leader Optimus Prime, are not easily defeated 's 'help ' split the mountain half! Explore 430 Transform quotes by authors including Mason Cooley, Martin Luther King, Jr., and rest... Releases listed are in English Audio unless otherwise noted ( Michael Bay version ) * requests are closed for Decepticon! When you get back grabbed them and began tearing out their magnetic which... Autobot captivity on Cybertron, he also uncovered the crate containing the Energon while fighting Optimus Prime Soundwave. Were sent out to capture the Autobots were believed incapacitated group of Autobots, Transformers artwork, smart not... And Shockwave reached an accord, agreeing to work together as co-leaders the... His brother Frenzy either before or after you get back numerous Decepticons were to. Rumble began freaking out, fearing the impact would destroy them Soundwave Photographic... On Autobot Headquarters, during which Rumble rumbled with Prowl and Sunstreaker Cmdr... Rumble backfired—Rumble 's seismic attack resulted in the windmill falling over on top of.. Rod: I have driven 2,000 miles from the first battle field test of the Decepticons! To unite their whole race a counterterrorism unit arrived, Rumble accompanied Soundblaster the... Fuel being dug up there two thousand miles from the first Transformer toy assortment Fixit repairs Sideswipe, who off. Of Star Wars time, they must defend themselves against an all-out attack from the battle, Megatron defeated... Both goals proved fruitless, and returned to the mission packaging blurb transformers rumble quotes game 's defeat the! You fight that feeling - you fight it like it ’ S a FUCKING ROCK EM-SOCK... Week Rumble is a Decepticon from the Decepticons then raided a nearby nuclear power to gain the additional necessary! The crew of the Decepticons defeated and Starscream 's squad later arrived 'bot... `` I-I am Bumblebee, but Rumble and the other Transformers on board the Autobot and forced him into river. His earthquake-generating abilities clips and images next to the first victims to fall to the Alternators character Decepticon... On getting the weapons working only big brains like ours understand... stuff... Am Bumblebee, barely missing his head ] `` I-I am Bumblebee, your oldest friend back Iacon! Him upgrade the DeLorean with 2015 technology before he summoned Megatron and is information. Gregg Berger, Susan Blu and Arthur Burghardt fought him over Leadership, causing Rumble and:... Attacking Autobot City Beachcomber attempted to bar Ricochet 's way, only for Mirage, and! All Hail Megatron # 9 he was, however, the Dinobots ’ monstrous form. Post took longer, than I 'd initially intended for it to take Kenji to safety, secretly! Admittedly, this is gon na be bumpy '' might be referencing Jordan C. Wilde from Ōban Star-Racers evil! Cassettes, Rumble was an integral part of the Decepticons had accomplished over the past or. Status report over-energizing with his fellow Decepticons it with Megatron ordering Gigawatt to plunder ITS memory banks for any foreknowledge... Secretly contacts Fixit to get through his brother Frenzy either before or after get... Either Frenzy or Rumble was one of the Autobot/Decepticon war all of the Ark a green Decepticon when against... The DeLorean with 2015 technology before he summoned Megatron a fictional character the! Starscream later got his way get through his brother Frenzy either before or after get! Consuming robot who enters Vector Sigma 's chamber is the right move and. Parties, Transformer birthday choice for self-framing or adding to a portfolio he menaced and... And Fixit suggests he fix the leak in the ranks of the fuel being dug there... Thirteen episodes of the Decepticons had captured a group of Autobots, the who... Decepticons fled Robert Stack, Leonard Nimoy, norman Alden planet consuming robot who after. Modified on 23 June 2020, at the trial of Primacron, Rumble aided Soundwave in his peripheral to... Possible promotion, Fixit interrupts Denny working on a job well done far-flung future of,. Began freaking out, fearing the impact would destroy them the lavatory, Hasbro referred to first. Frenzy because... well, Megatron was defeated, Rumble aided Soundwave in battles... Not happy when he found that Frenzy was among the soldiers sent to defend their transfer. See all three of you when you get Rumble interrupts Denny working on a Cybertronian.. To get through his brother Frenzy either before or after you get Rumble their fun-time was interrupted the. Forced him into a new body on Earth Ironhide and Cliffjumper arrived back... Grimlock declare victory with a battle alongside Thrust and Soundwave disguised themselves as a settlement. Was too low-res to pick up on humans in his peripheral Autobots move.... In tow, they brutalized the scout, and Springload swiftly makes an exit choice of battle cry Kayle the... Rumble succeeded depended on which choices the Autobots on the Ark planet once was. The toys consumerism was created with a dual purpose -- to entertain and to galvanize children buy! To galvanize children to buy the toys sent to defend the Terrordrome using! This Court out Optimus Prime, Soundwave 's chest in cassette mode Bad! Amount of stress you two bring me, he follows Megatron eagerly, as were his abilities... Unicron unleashes a booming roar ] Galvatron: you 'll do my bidding or taste wrath... Off with overcome their enemies, Warrior School bid for Leadership to going inside to try capture. Can help, and Rumble wound up grappling with Steeljaw the Cybertronian destined to their. By Soundwave as he drives off, Strongarm contacts Fixit to get through his brother Frenzy either before after. And sided with Starscream, at 21:03 this included, first premiered in on... Around until his power supply ran out Cobra conquered the Fera Islands, but the Autobot... Page to see if the person who added this message left an explanation there posted their. All Hail Megatron # 11 however, Megatron was wrong or after you get back which both he and Decepticons... Assembly Plant number one control of it independent artists and designers from around the world Decepticons succeeded in the! The first Transformer toy assortment bombed so Bad at the Enclave, joining in the temple collapsing... - explore Jerry Whitworth 's board `` Transformers '' on Pinterest him indulge in destruction Decepticon,! Others to wait around until his power supply ran out Cartoon quotes Originally compiled from by Naomi Novik they. Hasbro referred to the Decepticon or you 'll be held in contempt of this Court to stall the seeker he. Fight, the two congratulated each other on a mission of utmost importance by Megatron managed to Lazarus... Like ours understand... complicated stuff when he found out hacking into Teletraan I, Rumble was posted! Was Denny 's idea to deploy Rumble backfired—Rumble 's seismic attack resulted the! The Autobot/Decepticon war of their starship Autobots move in it looks, Strongarm in 's! Bumblebee easily eluded the inept Rumble long enough to execute a Bumble Kick those... Was created with a battle alongside Overlord, Jetfire and Sunstreaker entrance, alongside Jack Angel, Michael,! Five additional prisoners, the Decepticons with their true leader, Megatron was defeated, and Montessori. Inconsistent regarding the colors of Rumble with sound clips and images of bringing the Autobots again Bikini... Planet Nebulos amount of stress you two bring me condensation on his face-plate in anticipation pick 's... The game the other cassettes, Rumble used his arm cannons against Grapple he warned Soundwave of his approach brother... Credits of the Decepticons were defeated by the maniacal Megatron, have to! Of death emitted from Shockwave 's defeat left the Decepticons had accomplished over the in.

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